Professional Liability Insurance For Cpas: How Can It Protect Accountants?

Professional Liability Insurance for CPAs can help accountants protect their assets and keep their business operations as normal as possible. With the every changing demands and the rules of law, CPAs and other tax professionals are getting increasingly difficult. It is not because their number is decreasing, but it is the risk of getting sued for malpractice that they opt not to represent any client at the moment.

Helping a lot of people manage their finances to make sure that everything is paid when they are due can be quite a rewarding job. Every accountant understands that their profession may involve a lot of money, but it is not money that keeps them going. It is being in the position to help people manage their finances properly and seeing that their clients are learning from them is what makes the life of an accountant truly rewarding.

Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

Keeping up with the ever changing laws under which they operate can be a very daunting task for a lot of accountants. A little mistake can go a long way. It can make or break them in one split second. Sadly, such cases can cost them thousands of hard earned money. What could be worst is that even though the client and the accountant decide to settle the situation out of court, the accountant could bid his professional practice goodbye.

This may perhaps be the very reason why accountants need to purchase Professional Liability Insurance coverage. It is to protect themselves from possible malpractice cases. Not only will the insurance cover the expenses of the legal counsel that will represent you in court, but it could also help in case an out of court settlement is pursued instead. Indeed, a professional liability insurance coverage can do a lot of good to any accountant and other practitioners of related nature.

Protecting your career can mean the whole world to you. If it means getting the coverage you need to continue doing what you love to do and making the world a better place because of that, why would you not take it? It may mean add-on expenses monthly, but it means your security is in your hands. What could be better than that?

When Can You Say That Professional Liability Insurance Is Not Important

You’ve heard it all the time that professional liability insurance for attorney is what you need to prepare for expensive lawsuits. Professionals like doctors, lawyers, architects can commit errors or leave their work undone. This will lead for some client-claims in the future. But professional liability insurance means more money for small business-owners who are just starting. If you don’t have the resources to provide professional liability insurance to your employees, here are the things you can do.

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Simple Training – Client claiming for damage are mostly caused by employees’ negligence in their work. You can aid it by giving them simple training on how to do their work. If they’re working as accounting personnel in your firm, you can give simple training on how to handle client queries and how to use the system to avoid error and omission. This way they will know the importance of their work and they can make more clients happy.

Discipline – If every employee in your business knows how to act the right way in front of customers then you will not be talking about professional liability insurance. Discipline will lessen the case of negligence and error. If this happens the money to be used for professional liability insurance can be used to reward dedicated, disciplined employees.

Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

Provide customer service training – if your business deals with giving service then your employees must know the basics of how to give excellent service to clients. The cost of service training is not that high compared to purchasing professional liability insurance for attorney. In addition, you will not be needing liability insurance if your employees will just put their training by heart and put it in action.

These benefits will likely result to not buying professional liability insurance. Employees should put these important methods in their heart. Then they should put it in action to minimize the cost and improve excellent customer service.


How Can Nurses Protect Themselves from Being Sued?

Working as nurse can be a wonderfully rewarding profession. Not only does it take a strong character to become one—it also requires a healthy dose of motivation to remain one. If you are a nurse, then we would like to congratulate you on being able to overcome the daily challenges that come your way.

With that being said, there are a few challenges that, as a nurse, you might never be able to overcome. One such challenge is the threat of being sued. As you probably already know, working as a nurse comes with a degree of risks. One simple mistake could leave you financially ruined for many, many years. While you can never fully protect yourself from this challenge, there are simple, everyday things that you can do to prevent a lawsuit from being filed against you. Here are five tips for you to go over:

  1. Be kind to your patients. While this might sound obvious, you’d be surprised at how much kindness affects your odds of being sued. Always remain professionals but realize that your patients are humans, not numbers.
  2. Know what you can’t do. Depending on your level of experience, you might be assigned tasks that you aren’t prepared for. Don’t hesitate to refuse them: Claiming to not be familiar with procedures will not protect you in the event of a lawsuit.
  3. Delegate smartly. If your responsibility includes delegating duties, then do it smartly. It is not uncommon for nurses to be held responsible when one of their subordinates commits a mistake. Also make sure to inspect the equipment on a regular and that your subordinates know how to use it properly.
  4. Be careful with medication. Once again, this might sound obvious but medication errors are some of the most common nursing errors.
  5. Document, document and document. This is absolutely crucial, especially in the event of someone exaggerating the facts in a legal lawsuit. Learn how to document procedures and observations properly and you might just save yourself a ton of trouble down the road.
  6. Prevent falls. Always remember the proper procedures, especially if you work with elderly people. The number of nurses being sued each year because they weren’t careful enough is astounding.
  7. Finally, arm yourself with a professional liability insurance policy. While this might not do much to prevent you from being sued, it will at least provide you with peace of mind in the event of someone filling a lawsuit against you.